Heavy-Duty Automated Transmission

Authored by: Allan Zieser, STLE, CLS

One of the newest advances in modern transmission technology is the advent of the automated manual transmissions (AMT). These transmissions offer the benefits of a manual transmission with the ease of use of an automatic transmission. Being these are geared transmissions, they need special transmission oils that can handle the tough conditions that these transmissions contain.  Basically, these are manual transmissions that are automated by the onboard computer to allow the computer to do the shifting, leaving the driver free to concentrate on the road. Moreover, there are multiple types of automated manual transmissions that can require multiple types of transmission fluids to properly maintain them.

Chevron Delo Syn-Trans XV SAE 75W-80 is a transmission oil specifically designed to be used in the Volvo iShift and the Mack mDrive automated transmissions. This oil is designed to provide extended life service of up to 500,000 miles in Volvo and Mac automated manual transmissions.

The special base oil used in the Chevron Delo Syn-Trans SAE 75W 80 protects against gear scuffing, pitting, and adhesive wear even at a lower viscosity level allowing for excellent parts protection in Volvo and Mack automated manual transmissions. As a reminder, this oil cannot be used in axel or differentials and axel and differential oils cannot be used in these transmissions.

Chevron Delo Syn-Trans XE 75W-90. Note that even though this is a 75W 90 the additive package is completely different from axel and differential gear oils. Do not use gear oils designed for axels and differentials in your transmissions!

Chevron Delo Syn-Trans XE 75W 90 can be used in Modern and older manual transmissions and fully meets the Eaton 500,000 Mile extended drain. This oil can also be used in modern automated transmissions such as Eaton’s Ultra shift automated manual transmissions and ZF Freedomline Automated transmissions. Making this a good consolidation oil for people with both older manual transmissions and Eaton Ultra Shift Transmissions and or ZF Freedomline Automated Transmissions.

Again, the robust synthetic base oil that is used provides extended wear protection in both cold and extremely hot climates.  The additive package in this oil prevents transmission gear scuffing, pitting, and adhesive wear that can be an issue with some oils on the market. This oil offers wide seal compatibility and up to 2% fuel economy boost to your equipment

Chevron Delo Syn-AMT XDT 75W 90 is a heavy-duty truck synthetic automated transmission oil designed for the both factory and service fills of Daimler DT-12 Automated Manual transmissions installed on most Freightliner and Western Star trucks that have DD15 or DD13 diesel engines.

Chevron Delo Syn-AMT XDT 75W 90 provides on highway extended drain intervals of up to 300,000 miles in on-highway Daimler DT-12 Heavy Duty Automated Transmissions. Chevron Delo Syn-AMT XDT 75W 90 is also approved for use in maintaining Daimlers 750,000 Mile Extended Warranty when used as a top-off or service fill.

As you can see, we offer a complete line up of automated manual transmission fluids for your equipment. Need help getting the proper fluid?  Contact your Ottsen Oil Expert today for more information on the automated transmission fluid that is right for you!