Castrol is known worldwide as an innovator in their technical oils for a variety of applications. Ottsen Oil is excited to partner with Castrol to expand our offerings for metalworking fluids, wind turbine oils, and cleaners. These high-quality fluids and lubricants give you the ability to concentrate on your business at hand and not have to wonder if you are getting the most from your fluids and lubricants.

Ottsen Oil and Castrol's goal is to help you reduce the total cost of ownership by providing MORE efficient operations and predictive maintenance. Our team of experts knows the importance of making less inefficiency happen. Ideally, lowering costs with less wastage, rejects, reactive maintenance, and downtime.

Contact us at Ottsen Oil to find out which Castrol metalworking, wind turbine oils, or cleaners will be the best fit for your application.

Ottsen is excited to add Castrol to the line of products we distribute. We want to help you maximize productivity and minimize costs by looking at the big picture. Call us today for a full site survey and cutting-fluid review.

Delivery is easy with our locations in Cedar Rapids and Ankeny, IA. Some Castrol products and services we offer include:

  • Castrol Wind Energy Oils + Greases
  • Castrol Metalworking Fluids
  • Castrol Solubles
  • Castrol Semi-Synthetics
  • Castrol Synthetics
  • Castrol Neat Oils
  • Castrol Deformation Oils
  • Castrol Cleaners + Rust Preventatives
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