Summit Services

Offering You More than Just Lubricants

Summit Services

Summit Industrial is a Kluber company, located in Tyler, Texas. All their synthetic lubricants are made proudly in the USA of pure synthetic base oils from the Gulf of Mexico and not imported into the country like other synthetic lubricants. Ottsen Oil has proudly distributed Summit Industrial lubricants and greases for over twenty years.


Summit Industrial offers free oil analysis with each being reviewed by a Summit technician and an Ottsen Oil Company STLE, CLS, OMA Certified Specialist. All results are then passed on to you, the customer, and all questions are answered as needed.


Summit Industrial manufactures a complete product line for most applications in the industrial market including Food Grade, Compressor Oils, Polyglycol Lubricants, Synthetic Greases, Turbine Oils, and many others not mentioned on our website. If you're looking for a specific product or have a specific application, call an Ottsen Expert and we can cross-match what you need!


Summit also offers color coded labels on their food grade NSF Lubricants to aid in color coding lubricant containers and fill points.

Call an Ottsen Expert today and see how we can provide you with the highest quality lubricants and services! We service all of Iowa and the surrounding area with our two locations in Des Moines, IA and Cedar Rapids, IA.