Chevron conducts oil analysis testing through an independent lab assuring honest and non-biased results. Proper oil analysis in addition to your normal maintenance procedures can help you to make smart decisions on oil change intervals. Saving you time and money on services and expensive filters. Contact Ottsen Oil Company today to find out more details on Oil Analysis services.


Have you been using the same oils for years but are not sure if they are the correct oils for your equipment? Don't feel bad because lots of plants have been doing the same thing as well. But now Ottsen Oil Company can come out and go over your equipment to ensure that you are using the best lubricant for your equipment. With our STLE, CLS and MLT-1 certified personnel we are ready to assist you in getting the most out of your equipment and its lubricants. Contact your lubricants specialist at Ottsen for more details or call in to the office to get the help you need!


Worried that your personnel may not be putting the correct lubricants into your equipment? Let Ottsen Oil Company draw up a color-coding system for your plant. Proper lubrication is the key to an efficient plant and color coding is one of the easiest methods of ensuring that your machines are properly lubricated.


Have a new piece of equipment and you are not sure of what oil goes into it. Perhaps it came from Europe and the manuals only list European brands inside of its pages. Well, you are in luck because Ottsen Oil Company has the experienced personnel to assist you in crossing those recommended oils over to Quality Chevron products.

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