Heavy-Duty Manual Transmission

Authored by: Allan Zieser, STLE, CLS

Heavy-Duty trucks often come with manual transmissions, these are essentially a gearbox and use different oils than other transmissions. The oils used needs to be able to handle the job of keeping the metal surfaces of the gears and other parts separated to prevent wear in the transmission. However, some manual transmissions have components that still require a milder EP additive than is used in axels and rear gearing components. As such, they require special oils for the modern manual transmission.

Chevron Delo Syn-Trans HD 50 is one of the options available to us for use in the modern manual transmission.  Chevron Delo Syn-Trans HD 50 has a proven field record for 500,000-mile drain intervals of on-highway use. Chevron Delo Syn-Trans HD 50 is recommended for all types of manual transmissions such as those manufactured by Eaton, Meritor, and Mack. The synthetic base oil used in this product allows for operation during cold conditions and extremely hot conditions with no excess wear in the gear system.

Chevron Delo Syn-Trans HD 50 provides gear wear protection with a unique additive package that does not use active sulfur commonly found in axel lubricants. This results in little to no corrosion and a long life for copper components such as oil coolers, bushings, and thrust washers used in manual transmissions.

Product Number two is our Chevron Delo Syn-Trans XE 75W-90. Note that even though this is a 75W 90 the additive package is completely different from axel and differential gear oils. Do not use gear oils designed for axels and differentials in your transmissions! Chevron Delo Syn-Trans XE 75W 90 can be used in Modern and older manual transmissions and fully meets the Eaton 500,000 Mile extended drain. This oil can also be used in modern automated transmissions such as Eaton’s Ultra shift automated manual transmissions.

Again, the robust synthetic base oil that is used provides extended wear protection in both cold and extremely hot climates.  The additive package in this oil prevents transmission gear scuffing, pitting, and adhesive wear that can be an issue with some oils on the market. This oil offers wide seal compatibility and up to 2% fuel economy boost to your equipment.

These two excellent products from Chevron are available today from your Ottsen Oil Company Expert. Be sure and call in or visit us with any questions you have on oils for your manual transmissions or other equipment that you have. We are ready and prepared to assist you in selecting the proper oil for your applications!