Get the Most from Your Lube Survey

Authored by: Allan Zieser, STLE, CLS

Okay, now you have your lube survey from Ottsen Oil Company. Time to put it in a folder and lock it away, correct?  No, these surveys are not the pieces of art that they appear to be, they are useful documents that you need to share with your mechanics and other personnel in your shop! The more people that are aware that this useful document exists, the better your equipment will be maintained.  By this point, you have spent hours working on this document. Now is the time to incorporate it into your maintenance plan!

Multiple copies can be obtained for you to use in planning your maintenance schedules and making sure that you have plenty of lubricants in stock before you need them. Lubricant surveys are also a great way to set up maintenance software for your equipment maintenance schedules.

Make sure that you keep your lube survey updated by letting Ottsen Oil know when you get new equipment in so that we can make sure that you have the proper lubricants on hand for them.  By updating and maintaining your lube survey, you can ensure that you are providing well for the equipment that you depend on to make a living. Contact your Ottsen Oil Company expert to find out how to update your lube survey!



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