Annual Usage Reviews Can Help You Save

Authored by: Allan Zieser, STLE, CLS

An important cost-saving step for your company is to conduct an annual usage review. An annual usage review will allow us to go over the products you are currently using and let you know which ones you are no longer needing to stock.

As equipment changes over, it becomes more important to keep track of which lubricants you are stocking and which lubricants are needed for your new equipment. This annual usage review will also help us make sure we are stocking enough lubricant for your company in our warehouses as well.  Also, during your annual usage review, we will advise you of any changes that are upcoming with the lubricants you are purchasing.

An annual usage review only takes a few minutes to go over but can help you save a lot of money for your company in the long run. Take the time to contact your Ottsen Expert for your Annual Usage Review today!