Why Consolidate?

Authored by: Allan Zieser, STLE, CLS

It’s a fact, no one wants to stock lubricants that they cannot or do not use.  However, whenever we go into a plant, we see drums and pails of product that are laying around with no usage in the plant or site at all. Also, there are times where we have two or three products that will do the same job or be close to another lubricant for a different application. In these cases, many times we can reduce the number of lubricants that are needed on site.  But we need to be cautious in consolidating as well.

The main reason for caution is that some applications do require special oils that are similar but not quite the same as other lubricants we may have in stock. In those cases, we do need to keep special lubricants for these applications. The best step for consolidation is to contact your Ottsen Oil Expert. They are trained to go through your lubricants and equipment to help you determine what lubricants you truly need and which extra lubricants you can get rid. This process is one that will help to clean up your lube room and to save you the expense of stocking unneeded lubricants as well. 

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