What Do I Need for A Lube Survey?

Authored by: Allan Zieser, STLE, CLS


So, you have your lube survey scheduled with an Ottsen Oil Expert. What do you need to do prior to our personnel arriving on-site? Well, for any lube survey, we need to review the manuals that come with your equipment. It is best if you have them handy for our personnel to go over with you. If you do not have the manuals, then we will need a list of the specific pieces of equipment that you use in your operations.


We will also need to go over your equipment by inspecting it physically. This ensures that all the fill points and grease points are covered. Access to the equipment is crucial in order to determine that we are using the correct lubricants.


Often it works best if you can send us a list of the equipment before we arrive. This will allow us to review the equipment with our extensive database of equipment and lubricants. Often, we can find changes or updates to manuals for equipment as recommended by the equipment manufacturer.


An updated list of the lubricants you are using will also be helpful in determining if you have duplicate products or if you do not have the correct lubricants on-hand for the machinery you are using.


Also, make sure that your maintenance personal will be available on the day that we arrive to assist us with the equipment inspection and to answer any questions we have on what lubricants you are currently using.


Lube surveys are a vital step in making your equipment last longer.  Here at Ottsen Oil, we pride ourselves on recommending and providing the correct lubricants for your equipment. If you are new to us or do not have a lubrication survey scheduled, then give us a call to start on the path to long equipment life!



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