What’s in Your Gear Box? A Look into Gear Box Oils and Additives

Authored By: Allan Zieser

With all the gear oils being produced today, it is important to choose the correct one for your equipment AND application. Equipment builders vary in what they recommend. So, you can end up with a lot of different oils in your storage area.

It is important to have the correct gear oil for not only your equipment, but also for your application. However, often other gear oils can be substituted in place of the recommended oil. The key is to have the correct viscosity for the application as well as the correct additive. Having the correct additives but the wrong viscosity, or the other way around, can often lead to equipment failure.

Keep in mind, where additives are concerned, there are two main types of gear oils. EP (extreme pressure additized oils) and Non-EP (oils that do not have extreme pressure additives in them). Non-EP oils are often called R+O Oils. R+O stands for rust and oxidation inhibited oils. These oils have no EP package added to them and are designed for lightly loaded gearboxes and gearboxes with yellow metals or internal backstops in them.

Certain applications, such as gearboxes with internal backstops that are lubricated with the oil inside the unit, can suffer failures if an EP additized oil is used in them.  This can lead to possible injuries for the personnel using the equipment. It is important to know the different types of gear oils and how they are formulated in order to choose the correct one for your application.

Ottsen Oil offers detailed training for your personnel in order to assist in teaching your team the types of oils and how to properly use them in your plant. Call your Ottsen Expert today for more information on training and the proper oil for your application!