Let’s Gear Up: What’s Best for Your Gearbox?

Authored by: Allan Zieser, STLE, CLS

Protecting the gearboxes in your equipment is the most important thing a high-quality gear oil can do. Automotive and heavy-duty vehicle transfer boxes pose some of the biggest challenges. The conditions in these gearboxes is harsh and you need a dependable oil to handle them.

Enter Chevron Delo Gear ESI 80W 90 and 85W 140 Gear Oils. Formulated with borate, these oils offer the highest level of protection while providing cooling that other formulations of gear oils do not offer. The patented Chevron ISOSyn™ Technology combined with the advanced borate additive system offers protection on par with full-synthetic gear oils at a lower cost. Saving your equipment and your money at the same time. With ESI (Extended Drain Interval) technology, you can extend the drains on your equipment while providing it with the best protection on the market.

The Chevron Delo Gear ESI line of gear oils is formulated with a special additive package using unique additives to provide that protection. They are designed so the seals of the units are not damaged by the product, even at temperatures as high as 325 degrees Fahrenheit. The special additive package also minimizes friction resulting in reduced operating temperatures. This prevents oxidation from happening as rapidly, prolonging the life of the oil.

Let’s talk standards. The Chevron Delo Gear ESI oils are approved for

  • Meritor's TP-9539 up to 500,000 Miles
  • Mack GO-J Plus up to 500,000 Miles
  • API Service Categories GL-4, GL-5, and MT-1
  • SAE J2360.

Don’t know which Chevron Delo ESI Gear Oil is the right gear oils for your equipment? Give us a call and the Ottsen Experts can help you navigate this selection so you get the right oil for your equipment and its application.