Food-Grade Greases and Applications

Authored by: Allan Zieser, STLE, CLS

Food-Grade grease applications offer a different set of issues that a grease must be able to handle. From high temperatures to low temperatures, with or without water washout. Today’s food-grade greases are much more advanced than yesterday’s food-grade greases. As such, this new generation of greases is designed to provide the ultimate protection to your equipment while maintaining approvals from NSF, Kosher, & Halal. Ottsen Oil carries the complete line of Summit Industrial food-grade greases for use in your day to day operations and special needs areas.

Summit Sumtech FMG Grease NLGI 0, 1, 2 are formulated using aluminum thickeners with a synthetic blend of oils for extra protection in your food-grade equipment. The Sumtech FMG series is perfect for use in canning operations, bottling operations, meat & poultry plants, dairy operations, fruit & vegetable processing, bakeries, and pharmaceutical plants.

Summit Sumtech FGCS 2 Grease is a calcium sulfonate thickened lubricating grease created specifically for the food and beverage industry. Its special additive system provides superior water spray off and water wash-off properties. It offers excellent anti-wear properties, extreme pressure properties, oxidation resistance, and protection from rust & corrosion.

The synthetic base-stock gives Sumtech FGCS exceptional low-temperature properties and thermal stability over a wide temperature range. It is perfect for use in cookers and other equipment used in food processing where high temperatures are a concern.

As you can see, Ottsen Oil Company paired with Summit Industrial Lubricants has the products and expertise to handle your food-grade grease needs no matter the applications. Contact your Ottsen Oil Expert for more information on food grade greases today!