Construction Greases and Applications

Authored by: Allan Zieser, STLE, CLS

Construction greases face circumstances that are demanding. Equipment on construction sites faces outdoor storage, dirty conditions, huge amounts of water, and the weather in general. As such, you need a grease with the ability to provide protection for your equipment all while staying in place.

Enter the Chevron Delo Grease ESI HD series. These greases are specifically formulated for high-stress, high-load conditions. They are designed to meet the rigors of day-to-day operations in off-road applications such as surface mining and road construction equipment.

Chevron Delo Grease ESI HD greases are available in various grades and formulations to meet the specific needs of your construction operations. They are available in grades NLGI 1, NLGI 2 to allow for use during both cold and hot seasons. Chevron Delo Grease ESI HD greases are also available with either 3% or 5% Moly added to meet the demanding Caterpillar specifications for pins.

Chevron Delo Syn-Grease SXD 220 Moly 5% EP 1 is designed for equipment with centralized automatic grease applicators used during extremely cold conditions. This synthetic grease can handle harsh conditions while it remains pumpable for grease systems even in the coldest of environments. 

There are many more greases designed for construction equipment and the various applications found on the construction site. We have a wide range of greases from Chevron and Summit to handle any application that you may have on your job sites.

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