Industrial Greases and Applications

Authored by: Allan Zieser, STLE, CLS

Industrial Greases offer protection for a wide variety of applications in industrial plants. These greases need to be formulated to handle everything from water to high-temperature applications. Ottsen Oil Company handles greases for a wide variety of applications for your industrial plant needs. We carry products from Chevron Lubricants and Summit Industrial. We have the products you need to keep your industrial applications operational.

Chevron Ultiplex Grease NLGI 1 and NLGI 2 greases are specifically designed for use in modern-day industrial plants.  Utilizing a high-quality lithium complex thickener these greases provide excellent protection for things like blowers, dryers, furnaces, exhaust fans, etc.

Chevron Ultiplex Synthetic Grease is an NLGI 1.5-grade PAO synthetic grease designed for exhaust fan bearings, shaker sleeves, pumps, kilns, and press bearings. The PAO base oil allows use in high-temperature applications that other greases cannot handle.

Chevron Ultiplex HV Synthetic grease is an NLGI 1.5 PAO Synthetic grease with a high-quality lithium complex thickener. It has a base oil with a viscosity of 1248 cSt that allows it to handle extremely heavily loaded applications like rollers and slow-moving applications.

Chevron Black Pearl Grease EP 1 & 2 is a unique polyurea thickened grease that is perfect for applications such as high-speed rolling type bearings. It is perfect for a variety of applications including conveyors, rolling element bearings in heavy-duty motors, presses, shaker screens, etc.

Chevron SRI Grease NLGI 2 is a high-quality electric motor grease designed specifically for use in electric motors with ball bearings. This finely milled polyurea grease is designed not to induce vibration into the bearing while providing the ultimate in rust and corrosion protection for the bearing.  Prevent wear and get the maximum life from your electric motors with Chevron SRI Grease NLGI 2.

Chevron Multifak Grease EP NLGI 000, 00, 0, 1, 2 grease is a straight lithium thickened grease designed for general plant use from automatic lubrication systems to applications such as needle bearings, roller bearings, general machinery, conveyor rollout, chassis lubrication, etc.

Summit Sumtech SG-100 and 220 are lithium complex thickened, synthetic PAO base oil greases that are perfect for high-temperature applications as well as low-temperature applications in today’s modern plant. The base oils in these greases follow the numbers with ISO 100 and ISO 220 viscosities to handle a wide range of needs.

As you can see if you have a plant, we have the greases to handle your applications. It can be overwhelming to figure out which grease is the right one for your equipment and application. Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here! Call your Ottsen Expert today for more information on the correct grease for your applications. We even have an Industrial Sales Engineer, Jim Proctor. Jim is based out of our Ankeny office and he covers the entire state of Iowa with his 25+ years of industrial knowledge.