High-Viscosity Index Oils for Bucket Trucks

Authored by: Allan Zieser, STLE, CLS

High-Viscosity index oils offer many benefits for outdoor equipment. The value of high-viscosity index oil becomes apparent as we see changes in outdoor temperatures from hot to cold or cold to hot. The high-viscosity index base oil allows the oil to remain at a stable viscosity even with temperature changes providing the pumps in our equipment with a better level of protection by maintaining an oil film between metal parts.


The high-viscosity index oil is a godsend to our outdoor equipment but for many bucket trucks that work on high voltage electrical lines, it is only half of the story. We need to combine the high-viscosity index with a high level of KV (Kilovolts) resistance (dielectric strength). KV resistance offers greater protection from the potential of high voltage conductance, helping to keep workers safe. But where do we find such an oil?


Enter Chevron Rando Premium HD MV, this high-viscosity index hydraulic fluid offers the highest protection for your trucks pumps and systems while providing a 35KV resistance as well. Call your Ottsen Oil Expert to get Chevron Rando Premium HD MV for your bucket trucks today! Whether you're local or from out of town and just helping us with storm clean-up, we've got your back!