Gear Oils vs. Transmission Oils

Written by: Allan Zieser, STLE, CLS


What is the difference between a gear oil and a transmission oil?

This question was posed to bring home the fact that we have oils with similar names that are not for similar applications. Most notably the Delo Syn-Trans 75W 90 and the Delo Syn-Gear 75W 90. 

Chevron has confidence in the fact that they have changed out the word Trans for the word Gear and that is all that a customer needs to tell them apart. But in my experience, when an end-user is looking for a product such as a 75W 90 they only tend to see the 75W 90 part of the label and do not always see the rest of it.

In the past, when names and types of oils had vastly different names, this was not too much of an issue. But with the advent of the Chevron Delo Series, things are changing. Similar names of products will get a customer into trouble before they know it.

We can try to help by labeling the containers with labels that say things like gear lube or transmission oil, but these are typically only band-aids for the end-user.  I say this because sooner or later the end-user is going to forget to put the label on the container and then people will get it mixed up.

The real way to help our customers, in this case, is to train people on the differences between the oils so you know to look out for the different oils and avoid a mix-up. A little training can go a long way to prevent mishaps.

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