Start 2021 Right!

Authored by: Allan Zieser, STLE, CLS

A new year is a time of resolutions, some of them are kept while others seem to slip by with the weeks. One great resolution that we think will be easy to keep, with your Ottsen Experts here to help, is to start your oil program off right for the new year!

What do you mean starting off right? Well, we can start by going through your inventory of lubricants and making sure that you have the products you currently use. The old products that have no purpose can be given to other shops or recycled. Your local landfill will have information on how to properly recycle old oil products or where to take them for drop off. This can help you maintain a cleaner lubricant room and avoid confusion on what products go in each piece of equipment.

On that note, making sure your containers are all properly stored with the lids on is another great way to start the year off right. Dirt and other contaminants can make even a brand new oil dangerous to use in your equipment. All drums should have the bungs placed in them when not in use and a cover placed over the tops of the drums if stored upright. Drums stored on their sides should have the bungs positioned in the 2 o'clock and 8 o’clock positions to keep water from getting into the oil. All pails should have the lids and caps tightened on them and all bottles of oil should be sealed and stored properly on a shelf to protect the oil.

Shop cleanliness goes a long way towards protecting your investment in the lubricants you keep on hand. Cleanliness also prevents accidents with your employees as well, making your shop a safer work environment.

Let’s start 2021 properly with a clean shop and good oil that will protect your equipment and help keep you earning money. As always if you have any questions on product ages or if you can consolidate down to fewer products please contact your Ottsen Oil Expert! You will be glad you did!



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