Oil Sampling - Plan it, Pull it, Ship it

Are you struggling to pull the perfect oil sample? Do you need help figuring out how to better organize your oil sampling process? Look no further! Our own expert Al Zieser came up with a super easy acronym for you - P, P, S! Plan it, Pull it, Ship it!


PLAN your oil analysis ahead of time to match your maintenance schedule.

Pro tip: in that schedule, make allowances for machines that need to be tagged out or locked out when pulling samples.


PULL the correct amount of oil from the correct spot in your equipment.

Pro tip: fill the bottle, but leave a small amount of air in the top to allow for expansion during shipping.


SHIP the samples promptly to ensure accurate readings from your oil analysis test. 
Pro tip: if samples sit around on desks or in the office, it can skew your results. Get them sent in ASAP!

By using P, P, S you can streamline your oil analysis program!