DPF Filters and Productivity

Authored by: Allan Zieser, STLE, CLS

The question of productivity often comes up when working with DPF filters and systems. The filters will fill up eventually and then the equipment must be brought out of productivity and into the shop to have it replaced or cleaned. The amount of time that this can take can add up to many hours of the equipment not being productive. Plus, there is the added issue of expense in cleaning filters or replacing them. So, how do we enable our equipment to both protect the environment and spend less time in maintenance?

Delo 600 ADF with Omnimax is an ultra-low ash product that prevents your DPF filter from filling up as quickly. Did you know that most of the contaminants that the DPF filter collects are ash particles, not the soot the filter was designed to collect? In fact, 80% of what the DPF filter collects is ash. Unlike soot particles, ash particles do not burn off during the equipment’s regen cycle. Instead, they remain in the filter and prevent other soot particles from being burnt off.

This means that if you are using a higher ash product, your DPF filter will fill up with ash and soot at a faster rate - up to 2.5 times faster! Causing more downtime for your equipment while you are either cleaning or replacing DPF filters.

Now is the time to make the move to Chevron Delo 600 ADF with Omnimax. This revolutionary new product contains less ash than any other product on the market today! Allowing your DPF filter to operate 2.5 times longer between cleanings or replacements. This equates to longer operational periods for your equipment and more productivity for you and your company.

Contact your Ottsen Oil Expert today for more information on switching to Chevron Delo 600 ADF Heavy Duty Motor Oil!



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