Are You Prepared?

Proactively Addressing the Lubricant Shortage Issues

Authored by: Allan Zieser, STLE, CLS


2020 was the year of shutdowns. Now, as we wrap up 2021, most products and materials are still in shortage situations. This has been compounded by the total loss of the nation’s largest grease production plant by fire last month. The combination of these two events brings to light an important part of comprehensive maintenance planning - planning for shortages or outages of critical components and materials.  This includes lubricants amongst many other materials.  While we cannot help you with the plastics or metals that you use, we can help you to plan for possible lubricant issues. Our many years of experience allows us to look at the lubricants you are currently using to make the proper recommendations. We are also able to make alternate product recommendations and provide you with the proper methods to transition from one product to another, allowing you to stay productive should the need occur.

Be sure and contact your Ottsen Oil representative to set up an appointment to discuss any of your lubricant needs and to assist you with an alternate products list today. You may never need it, but it can prevent any future supply chain issues and undue stress when shortages like these arise.



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